Make your next interview a success with these tips and techniques

Before the Interview:

Remember, a successful interview depends upon thorough preparation.

  1. Be Presentable – Make sure that you dress appropriately for the interview. This includes ensuring your hair is neat and your clothes are pressed. Dress confidently! When you feel confident, others will feel confident about you.
  2. Be on Time – Punctuality is key. NEVER show late for an interview. Leave early for the interview to allow for unexpected factors.
  3. Do Your Research – Learn as much about the company’s services, products and customers. This will give you a competitive edge and an opportunity to market yourself effectively.
  4. Be prepared – Bring extra copies of your resume, a list of references, and paper to write any notes or questions. Also, study your resume. The more you know yourself and your resume, the easier it will to provide specific examples of your skills and strengths.

During the Interview:

It is important that during your interview you remember your 3 C’s. Be clear, concise, and confident.

  1. Show Enthusiasm – Greet them with a firm handshake and demonstrate plenty of eye contact. DO NOT SLOUCH! Sit up straight and lean forward slightly. These things demonstrate confidence.
  2. Listen – Be attentive. Listening during an interview is extremely important. It shows that you are interested in what the employer is telling you. Also, employers tend to ask lots of questions at the end of the interview. Listening closely will play a big factor in your ability to answer these questions.
  3. Answer Questions – Make sure you completely understand the questions being asked. Do not try to bluff your way through an answer. Instead, answer the question honestly and completely without rambling. When possible give specific examples of past successes and responsibilities. Never speak negatively about another person or company.
  4. Ask Questions – Don’t miss the opportunity to find out valuable information by asking questions. Your questions show that you are interested in the company and can be as critical as the responses you give.

After the Interview

Even after the interview it is important to appear confident and interested.

  1. Follow up – The follow up is another chance to remind the potential employer of your skills and valuable traits. Try sending a thank you letter or email thanking them for the opportunity of employment.

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